Mining Operations

Since January 2013 the Company has managed the base metal operations

Since March 2014 the base metal operation has:

  • Mined more than 895,000 tonnes of copper and polymetallic ore
  • Processed more than 118,000 dmt of zinc, lead and copper concentrates with a silver and gold co-product.

Surveyor Mine

The Surveyor Mine is located 150km south of Mount Garnet.

  • Is currently on care and maintenance
  • Is expected to recommence operatiion in mid-2016
  • Has two historic mining areas – the Surveyor and Balcooma pits.
  • Is located in a highly mineralised area with potential for future development within five exploration permits.

Surveyor Mine with mine camp in foreground

2 Surveyor Camp Aerial



Surveyor Mine showing Decline and Lens 2

5 Surveyor Cu Reserves & Lens2



Mining Production Guidance

  • +340kt Polymet from Balcooma @7% Zn, 3%Pb, 1% Cu & 45g/t Ag
  • +80kt Polymet from Mt Garnet @ 9.6% Zn, 0.3% Cu & 21g/t Ag (Crown Pillars)
  • +25kt Cu from Balcooma @ +3% Cu & +30g/t Ag


Mount Garnet Mine

The Mount Garnet Mine produced more than 90,000 tonnes of primary zinc ore during a five-month underground mining program completed in December 2014.

The mine has reopened in late May 2015. (After the wet season shutdown)

The Mount Garnet Mine is located adjacent to the Mount Garnet processing plant:

  • Produces 35,000 tonnes a month of polymetallic ore
  • Has an estimated 2015/16 total mine production of 430,000 tonnes at 9% zinc, .1% lead and .3% copper with significant silver coproduct
  • Is a 24/7 underground mine