CSD History

Ralph De Lacey and John Sainsbury established Consolidated Tin Mines in July 2007. The two partners had over many years progressively acquired and consolidated most of the best tin prospects in the lower Herberton Tin Field.

For information and the history of the Herberton Tin Field see http://www.herbertonvisitorcentre.com.au/

The company listed on the ASX in February 2008 and began to aggressively develop and expanded the known tin bearing Mount Garnet skarn deposits.

The Mount Garnet tin bearing skarn deposits are extensive and were reasonably well known. They had not been mined during the earlier tin mining era as the cassiterite was difficult to separate from the ironstone.

The Company’s challenge was to find a solution to this. Mining costs would be low as the skarns are at surface. This would be offset by anticipated higher processing costs.

In 2012 an existing base metal mill located at Mount Garnet was placed in administration and then for sale. The Company pursued this opportunity to acquire an existing large mill (1M t pa capacity) that was then on care and maintenance with all infrastructure in place. The intention being to convert all or part of this mill to accommodate the developing skarn tin project.

This led to the establishment Snow Peak Mining Pty Ltd (SPM) with Ralph De Lacey as Managing Director. SPM, with Chinese investment backing, acquired the Mount Garnet Mill, the Surveyor mine and the Einasleigh advanced exploration project in January 2013.

The Company engaged the existing General Manager of these base metal projects, Mr John Banning, to join CSD at this time.

The mill and all other assets acquired by SPM were then managed by CSD from January 2013. The mill remained on care and maintenance until it was brought back into production in March 2014.

John Banning was appointed Managing Director of CSD in February 2014. Ralph De Lacey remained as Executive Chairman.

The producing mill (and all other SPM assets) continued to be managed by CSD.

In March 2016, Mr John Banning stepped down from his role as Managing Director, with Mr Ralph De Lacey resuming this role along with his role as Co-Executive Chairman.

The operating mill and all other SPM assets were purchased by CSD on the 18th April 2016 following a meeting of shareholders.

This instantly transformed CSD from a tin exploration and development company to an operating base metal producer.

Timeline of CSD Development:

2007 Consolidated Tin Mines Limited founded with a portfolio of the best tin prospects held by Ralph De Lacey and John Sainsbury
2008 Consolidated Tin Mines lists on ASX (CSD)
Initial JORC Resource completed at 5.3MT
Metallurgy test work commences
2009 Complete 2,300m drilling
Employs highly respected senior tin metallurgist Bob Shelley to drive metallurgy test work
2010 JORC Resource Update: 7.3MT
Complete Scoping Study on Gillian , Pinnacles and Windermere Tin Project Complete 80t bulk sample test through Greenbushes plant in Western Australia
2011 Complete 15,100m drilling
Continue to develop tin process flowsheet.
Cornerstone Investor, Snow Peak International Investments, becomes major shareholder
2013 Snow Peak Mining Pty Ltd acquires the Mt Garnet Mill and mining assets in January, managed by CSD.John Banning joins CSD as Executive General Manager. Complete positive Pre-Feasibility Study on the Gillian and Pinnacles tin project
JORC Resource update: 13.1MT @ 0.39% Tin
2014 SPM commences mining and processing in March , managed by CSDJohn Banning appointed Managing Director. JORC Resource update: 12.05MT @ 0.4% Tin
CSD signs Asset Sale Agreement to acquire all SPM assets
2015 CSD receives shareholder approval on 12 January, to progress towards settlement of the Asset Sale Agreement
CSD continues to Manage and act as agent for all SPM mining operations
2016 Mr John Banning, stepped down from his role as Managing Director Shareholder Approval confirms the terms and conditions of the Asset Sale Agreement, with settlement occurring in April 2016