Mount Garnet Tin Project

The Mount Garnet Tin Project is completing a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) on the Gillian Deposit.

The project has:

  • Essential infrastructure already in place.
  • Potential long life with two other deposits Pinnacles and Windermere in advanced stage of exploration development.
  • Overall JORC Mineral Resource of 13.12Mt @ 0.4% Tin (Sn) (0.58% Sn equivalent including iron and fluorine by-products).
  • 2013 Prefeasibility Study (PFS) on the Gillian and Pinnacle deposits shows the ability to support an initial 9 year mine at a one million tonne per annumore throughput.
  • The 2013 PFS shows the ability to produce an estimated volume of 2,944tpa of tin (Sn) in concentrate at 68% Sn and 234,970tpa of iron (Fe) at 65% Fe for export, and 53,860tpa Fluorite @ 86% CaF2 (Acidspar quality achieved in metallurgical testing).Potential to extend mine life with further development of the Windermere/Deadman???s Gully deposit and other prospective company tenements.
  • A 15-tonne sample from the Gillian site was processed at a rotary kiln at FEECO International, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. This facility provided processing to optimise Sn roasting and recovery. This sample was taken from 14 pits using a 25-tonne excavator along the entire outcropping strike of the Gillian deposit. It was processed through a mobile crusher to less than 25mm and loaded onto pallets for shipping to Greenbay, Wisconsin. The ore has progressed to the testing phase.
  • The Company has installed a lab scale tin fuming test facility at the Mount Garnet Mill which is now operating constantly to provide improvements and optimisation of the final tin recovery process.

Tin JORC Resource Table

2014 JORC Resource









NB: Tonnes may not add up to totals due to rounding


Mount Garnet Tin Project Sn equivalent grade tonnage summary, as at June 2014

2014 JORC Resource Tin Equivalent





NB: Tonnes may not add up to totals due to rounding

This tin equivalent value is based on the following formula, product pricing^ and metallurgical recoveries:

Sn %+ (Fe%*FREC*Fe$/t/Sn$/t) + (F%*FREC*F$/t/Sn$/t)

(Sn %) + (Fe%*0.75*(150/20,000)) + (F%*0.7*(400/20,000))

Sn 70% recovery @ AUD 20,000/tonne

Fe 75% recovery @ AUD 150/tonne

F 70% recovery @ AUD 400/tonne

REC Recovery

^ Pricing has been based on an approximate five year average commodity price. In the case of Iron, the price is based on Iron Ore Pellets as the reduction process produces high grade iron pellets which sell for a premium over Iron Ore Fines. Product marketing will continued to be reviewed and revised as part of the DFS process. Consolidated Tin Mines considers the??assumed Sn metal equivalent values for Fe and F are reasonable based on recoveries of these by-products during testwork on respective ore bodies.Conservative recovery values of Sn 70%; Fe 75% and F 70% have been used. CSD is confident reasonable potential exists to achieve these recoveries. An initial market review indicates that concentrates can realistically be sold for values used in the calculation.

Regional Tin Potential

The Company holds an extensive portfolio of tin exploration projects in the southern part of the historic Herberton Tin Fields. There is high potential to expand the project’s total resource inventory and mine life.

The Company continues to explore other known mineralisation within the extensive tenement holdings to add strength to the project pipeline.