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CSD Tin is an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed Company with all operations located near Mount Garnet in North Queensland, Australia. The Company’s corporate and operational office is located at 395, Lake Street, Cairns North Queensland with its financial office located at Level 8, 221 Miller Street, North Sydney.

The Company has recently transformed from a tin exploration and development company to an operating miner and producer. This transformation occurred on 18th April 2016, following an Extraordinary General Meeting where shareholders approved the acquisition of the Mount Garnet base metal operation at Mount Garnet from Snow Peak Mining Pty Ltd.

This acquisition has transformed the Company into a mid-tier miner and producer, operating mines and producing more than 150t a day of zinc, lead and copper concentrates with significant silver and gold co-product.

The Company continues to advance a significant tin project at Mount Garnet with a Pre-feasibility Study completed in September 2014 and working towards the completion of a Definitive Feasibility Study.

The acquisition of the existing operating mill at Mount Garnet has provided the company the opportunity to diversify into Zinc production and also enhances the economics of the developing tin project with ownership of an operating mill within nine kilometres of the Company’s developing tin projects.

Base Metal Mining

The Company is currently mining approximately 35,000 tonnes a month of polymetallic ore from the the Mount Garnet underground mine. The Surveyor mine is currently on care and maintenance with the Company’s intention to recommence mining from this site in mid-2016.

The Mount Garnet concentrator is operating 24/7 on targeted 70 tonnes an hour ore throughput.

The Mount Garnet Base Metal operation has been managed by CSD since January 2013.

Between March 2014, commencement of mining operations and March 2016 (under management of CSD), the Mine Sites and Mount Garnet Processing plant has mined approximately 895,000 tonnes of ore and processed/exported more than 118,000 dmt of base metal concentrates to overseas ports via Townsville.


Mount Garnet Tin Project

Following the release of very positive Prefeasibility Study results in September 2014 the Company commenced a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) on the Gillian tin deposit.

The Gillian DFS is based on JORC Resource of 2.53Mt @ 0.78% Sn and converting sections of the existing Company owned operating Mount Garnet mill (nine kilometres away) to process tin.

The Company’s current Mount Garnet JORC Resource including Gillian, Pinnacles and Windermere exceeds 13mt.

The company has recently acquired the background freehold land on which the Gillian mining lease is located to ensure the Company controls all management and development outcomes.


Global Metals Market

The Company currently produces zinc, copper, lead and gold and silver and is advancing plans to commence tin production.

These are essential metals in today’s world market. Demand growth outlook for Zinc and tin metal is positive. The Company is in the enviable position of being in zinc production at a time when global zinc production is falling and also moving towards tin production at a time when global production is also falling.


Tin, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Silver

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